Restorative Botanicals™ line of topically applied relief products include our fast and effective Restore Relief™ cooling Muscle & Joint cream, our Restore Comfort™ warming Hand & Body relief cream and our warming Comfort Balm™ salve with broad spectrum hemp and Arnica oil extracts. When topically applied, our products provide many of the benefits derived from the naturally occurring phytocompounds found in hemp plants and from various functional and active essential oils, all blended into premium base creams or a beeswax salve. Our topical relief cream and salve blends interact harmoniously with the body’s various tissue groups providing immediate relief for weary muscles and joints, and improved overall health and comfort.* These fast acting formulations are packed full of healthful extracted hemp oil compounds including terpenes, flavonoids and a special selection of effective essential oils including German Chamomile, Lavender, Frankincense and Arnica. Each unique hemp and essential oil blend is then combined together with nourishing and moisturizing base creams or beeswax, creating multifunctional topically applied products formulated to help you Feel Better!

Relief Comfort Balm Muscle & Joint Salve
Comfort BALM™ Muscle & Joint Salve
COMFORT BALM™ Warming Muscle & Joint Salve
  • Naturally Occurring Phytochemicals From Hemp 
  • Fast Acting, Deep Penetrating Warming Relief*
  • Hemp & Arnica Oil Extract With  7 Active Essential Oils
  • Olive Oil, Hemp Seed Oils and Beeswax Base
  • Extracted Hemp oils from Certified Colorado Hemp
  • Long Lasting Relief for Weary Muscles and Joints
  • Made In the USA


Comfort Balm™ Muscle and Joint Salve with broad spectrum Extracted Hemp Oil and Arnica Extracts. Fast acting topical salve with warming essential oils for weary muscle and joint relief.* Comfort Balm™ Muscle and Joint Salve offers fast acting, deep penetrating warming comfort*.

Made with extracted hemp oil, Arnica extract, a 7active essential oil blend,  combined with skin nourishing olive and hemp oils in a beeswax base, Comfort Balm Muscle & Joint Salve is just what you need for long lasting comfort and relief.


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Restore Comfort™ Hand & Body Cream
Restore Comfort Hand & Body Cream
Restore Comfort™ Hand & Body Cream


  • Warming Relief for Weary or Injured Muscles and Joints
  • Calming and Soothing for Body and Mind*
  • Super Critical CO2 Extracted Hemp Oil
  • Complex Blend of Hemp Derived Phytochemicals and Essential Oils
  • Nourishing Calendula and Sunflower Base Cream
  • Made with Certified Colorado Hemp
  • Made In the USA


Restore Comfort™ Hand and Body Cream with extracted phytonutrient rich hemp oil and 7 active essential oils provide fast-acting warming relief from muscle and joint discomfort.* This warming blend is designed to provide fast acting support when applied topically to sore, stressed or weary muscles and joints.*

Formulated to restore a sense of balance and well-being, this topical comfort blend provides a functional range of naturally occurring phytochemicals from the hemp plant and other functional essential oils, blended in a natural cream base.

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Restore Relief™ Muscle & Joint Cream
Restore Relief Muscle & Joint Cream
Restore Relief™ Muscle & Joint Cream
  • Fast Acting , Cooling, Muscle and Joint Relief
  • Super Critical CO2 Hemp Oil Extract
  • Active and soothing Essential Oils
  • Nourishing Calendula and Sunflower Base Cream
  • Certified Colorado Hemp

Restore Relief™ Cooling Muscle and Joint Cream
with hemp extracted phytocompounds and a blend of 3 active Essential Oils, is designed to provide fast-acting cooling relief for weary muscles and joints or from discomfort caused by sports or work related injuries or activities.*

This specially formulated and cooling topical blend provides a balance of hemp extract and essential oils shown to be effective, fast acting and soothing, in a rich Calendula Sunflower Seed Oil base cream.*

Rated 5.00 out of 5
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